4 Children's Colourful Animal Backpacks
Children's Backpack with Dinosaur theme
Children's Backpack with Giraffe theme
Children's Backpack with Shark theme
Children's Backpack with Unicorn theme

Baby Animal Character Backpacks

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Beautiful Boys and Girls Zoocchini Backpacks. Featuring Devin the Dinosaur, Sherman the Shark, Allie the Alicorn and Jamie the Giraffe, these 3D Animal Backpacks are sure to make travel all the more exciting and enjoyable for your little ones! Perfect for ages 3 and above, for school, travel and all the bits inbetween!

The backpacks are around 33 x 26.5 x 10cm, and feature mesh pockets on the inside of the main compartment, and the front compartment, as well as mesh drinks holders on the sides.


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