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5 Advantages of Comfort Blankets for Babies and Young Children

5 Advantages of Comfort Blankets for Babies and Young Children

There are many great reasons for purchasing comfort blankets for babies and young children. Comfort blankets can play a big role in the development of little ones, offering warmth, security, and various other benefits. Let us take a look at five comfort blanket advantages for babies and young children right now.


Once babies and young children start using comfort blankets, they can become incredibly attached to them. This means you can hand them their comfort blanket whenever they are feeling stressed, tired, or overwhelmed. Babies and young children tend to feel much more comfortable and less frightened when they have access to their favourite blanket. Over time, the blankets develop a familiar smell, which can comfort your child in a host of scenarios.

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As the name would suggest, these blankets can leave kids feeling extremely comfortable and content. They can be worn during cold nights, after baths and in other situations where temperatures may be low.


Your baby or toddler’s comfort blanket can provide them with a great deal of stimulation. This can come in many forms, including visual and tactile stimulation. Blankets have different textures, which can help your child become more familiar with certain materials. The design of the blanket can also capture your child’s imagination, with specific colours, images and letters acting as sources of fascination for them. They can also help your child develop skills like coordination and grasping.

Better sleep

The first blanket your baby touches may be a swaddling blanket. These blankets are wrapped around babies after they are born to replicate the comfort the baby felt in the womb. When babies are swaddled, they are less likely to awaken suddenly. Although most parents would love to get more sleep, it is essential that your baby gets the sleep that they require. There are strong links between brain development and REM sleep.


Blankets can also teach little ones to comfort themselves. Swaddling a baby in a blanket can move their hands close to their face so they can pacify themselves. Their blanket can also act as a non-parental source of comfort and help them become more independent.

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