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Baby Bibs

Whether your little one is milk feeding, teething, and weaning we have a bib for every occasion. You cannot own too many bibs, so ours are sold in multiple packs. Choose our dribble bibs especially in the teething stage as these are specifically designed to soak up lots of dribbles and are also great at messy mealtimes!

Features of The Baby Box baby bibs range

Here are some of the main features of our baby bibs collection:

  • Dry and clean – the most important feature of our bibs is that they will keep your beloved little one “dry and clean”, which is just as well as you do not want them to get grumpy!
  • Pack size – the number of bibs in a pack varies, typically between three and seven bibs per pack, look at individual products for specific pack sizes
  • Sizing - our bibs have no specific size but can be comfortably worn right the way up until about two-year-olds
  • Designs – there are a wide variety of designs printed onto the bibs, which include candy canes, dinosaurs, paw prints, polka dots, teddy bears and more!
  • Easy to use – with a secure and easy to fasten neck the bibs are extremely easy to use, they are also extremely secure and your little one will not be able to take them off!
  • Affordable – our bibs are great value-for-money and easily affordable
  • Colours available – we have the following three main colours available:
    • Blue for boys
    • Pink for girls and
    • Grey - unisex

Returns policy on bibs

Unlike many of the items we sell, we can accept returns on bibs – this is because they are not personalised.

Bibs safety advice

Whilst bibs are perfectly safe to use, we would make the following two pieces of advice:

  • Always remove the bib when your little one is sleeping and
  • Do not leave your baby unattended whilst they are wearing a bib

Contact Baby Box for all your requirements

Buying bibs through The Baby Box is easy. If you need any guidance, help, or support though please contact us on 07506 807 761. Alternatively, feel free to email us this link - We also have an Instagram account at, follow us here and send direct messages as well.