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The Baby Box Privacy Policy

The Baby Box website is an online ore for the sale of personalised baby products, including clothing and accessories.

Regular visitors to our website may wish to register for an account and subsequently login, the URLs for these pages are:

Registering for an account requires the visitor to enter and for our system to store personal information. In addition to this, from time to time, payments will also be processed on these accounts. Given that personal information is stored, and payments are processed we would like to notify visitors that all data is securely stored, is frequently encrypted and is not in any way directly accessible by The Baby Box. We want visitors and account holders to know that we treat privacy and seriously in any transactions and activities between us. We class it as vital that both visitors and account holders feel safe and have confidence that their data is secure, private, and confidential.

Why did Baby Box create this Privacy Policy?

We have created this Privacy Policy to reflect and demonstrate our commitment to data privacy and confidentiality whilst also explains the rationale behind why we need to store data. We ask all visitors and account holders to read this policy in detail to ensure you are comfortable with all aspects of data and privacy before using this website.

Baby Box assumes that everybody visiting the Baby Box website have both read and fully understand all aspects of this Privacy Policy. If you need clarification in any way either seek legal advice or send concerns, queries or concerns to us via our contact page.

What data does the Baby Box website collect?

As with the majority of websites, collects data for each visitor. An important element of data collected is a unique IP address, this contains broad data about where you are located (not to house level, just the general area). With access to your IP address, Baby Box could personalise your viewing session based on pages on our website you have previously visited.

The Baby Box website is able to identify each unique visitor via their IP address. It is important to understand though that IP address data is totally anonymous. As a website, we will use information from “cookies” to improve, enhance and optimise the visitor experience.

How does The Baby Box use cookies?

Virtually every website uses cookies, these are behind the surface and invisible to users. Cookies are small files used by popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, and others. Cookies will be saved on both the Baby Box web server and the device of the visitor, with a particular emphasis on improving the speed of the current and future visits.

Cookies are also useful to (anonymously) interpret user visits, their preferences and we can use this data to optimise the website for the benefit of future visitors.

What are the two main types of cookies?

There are two main types of cookies used on most websites, including The Baby Box, these are session cookies and persistent cookies, we go on to explain these: 

1)    Session cookies

A session cookie lasts for the session and is temporary only. As soon as a visitor leaves their current session the session cookie will be removed.

2)    Persistent (permanent) cookies

A persistent cookie as the name suggests is permanent and will be stored as a file within your browser. Our website uses persistent cookies to personalise your future visits, particularly improving load speed.

You control cookies!

Visitors fully control cookies. If you do not like cookies you can block their use through the preference settings of your browser. This is personal to each browser, so if you visit our website on more than one browser you will need to set preferences multiple times.

Blocking cookies to our website is entirely your choice and it will not fundamentally cause an issue with functionality on our website. No access to cookies will mean for our system that future visits are not as personalised as they could be and also will be slower (as there will be no caching of resources). Another consideration of no cookies is that visitors cannot store their login information, so would need to enter login information for each visit.

Third party links

Baby Box do use third party links on some pages of this website. This is aimed to enhance the user experience. In no way does Baby Box endorse this website, nor have we been paid for this link. Baby Box do not take any responsibility for content found on third party websites and advise all visitors to have up to date malware/anti-virus installed whenever using the internet.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to and most likely will make changes to this Privacy Policy in the future. Where we do, we will update the “last updated” date below. We, therefore, recommend visitors to periodically check this page in case of updates.


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