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Personalised Baby Comfort Blankets

Personalised Baby Comfort Blankets

The Baby Box is delighted to provide an excellent range of personalised comfort blankets.

Read on to learn more about why they are so comforting to babies and toddlers and also about the options we have available on our website.

Why do these blankets bring comfort?

We all enjoy comfort and babies are certainly no different! Babies will love the comfort of holding our range of lush comfort blankets. With ongoing use, these blankets provide a sense of familiarity, peace and being at ease – especially when the baby is getting off to sleep or when they are upset. They are also invaluable at times of sickness and also changes such as the arrival of a new sibling, going away on holiday and also when they have a babysitter.

The comfort blankets will feel nice against the baby’s skin and will develop over time a
known smell, which will aid the baby to feel at ease at home and in other places. The
material is soft, plush, and luxurious and is important in the development of skills such as grasping and coordination of hand to eye movements.

Just think of what the word “comfort” means to you and then you can imagine why a baby will love their very own personalised comfort blanket.

Colours available

We have an extensive collection of blanket colours available, which include:

  • Blue – typically for boys
  • Pink – typically for girls
  • White – a unisex option and
  • Grey – an alternative unisex option

Fun characterisation

Babies attach themselves so much to our personalised baby comfort blankets for a number of reasons, but one of them is definitely the characterisation. When you buy a blanket, you can choose from characters such as a bear, bunny, elephant, fox, giraffe, penguin, and unicorn. Exact products and stock available vary from day-to-day, so check individual products for further detail.

The perfect gift!

The Baby Box UK collection of baby comfort blankets makes a perfect gift for occasions such as:

  • Baby shower – an ideal present for a baby shower, it has been known for a newborn to attach to comfort blankets and use them for many years to come
  • Birth – giving a comfort blanket is an ideal gift at the time of birth and one which will be welcomed by the newborn and parents alike
  • Christening – a nice gift to give at the time of a Christening. The personalisation could actually be tailored to the Christening or the usual first name
  • Christmas – we are often stuck for ideas of how to buy something a little different and personal. A baby comfort blanket is an innovative and personal gift

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