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5 Products to Consider on the Baby Box Website

5 Products to Consider on the Baby Box Website

Here at The Baby Box, we have lots of different products available which make the ideal present for infants, toddlers, and even older children. So, which of our personalised gifts for babies should you choose? This brief guide will introduce you to five of the top options we offer, each of which you can customise and order from our website.

Dressing gowns

When it comes to cute and cuddly baby gifts, our dressing gowns are hard to beat. There are a few reasons that these dinky robes might appeal, chief amongst which is the personalisation service that we provide.

Your options when ordering from the Baby Box website include a range of dressing gown baby gifts in several colours and sizes, suitable for little ones from 0-24 months.

Add to that the fact that we can stitch the name of your choice into the robe, and you have a unique present to provide to the new arrival in your life.

The icing on the cake is that these baby gifts feature different designs based on many animals, ranging from ducks and bears to unicorns and elephants. Your baby will be eager to dress up in their robe, and you will want to share snaps of them far and wide.

Comfort blankets

Another of the popular personalised gifts for babies that you can browse and buy on the Baby Box website, comfort blankets are well suited to late-night snuggles and mid-morning naps.

Once again you can choose to have any name stitched or printed onto the blanket you select, and there are also different colour options in this case as well.

Many of our comfort blankets feature integrated animal designs, which means that they have plenty of personalities and are sure to become a firm favourite of young children. From friendly foxes to perky penguins, these baby gifts will be most welcome.


Ever thought your kid would look adorable in a tracksuit that has been personalised with their name or initials emblazoned on it? This dream can become a reality with the brilliant loungewear lineup we have at The Baby Box.

From full-blown sets with sweaters and jogging bottoms suitable for keeping them warm in the winter to summer-appropriate shorts and t-shirts for outdoor play, our tracksuits come in different sizes and styles. As well as accommodating infants, there are even sizes for children aged up to 6, so you can buy baby gifts for a broad range of age groups.

Custom loungewear for babies is a picture-perfect present


Among our pyjamas, we have customisable sleepsuits that make for magnificent baby gifts when your newborn is at their smallest, while also ensuring that you have options to keep them cosy as they grow and begin to explore the world.

As you might expect by now, we can personalise all of our sleepsuit products with any name you want, so long as it fits within our 15 character limit. This means that the sleepsuit will be a meaningful gift for years, rather than something which is worn for a few months before being forgotten.


Last but not least, no baby can be without bibs when mealtimes arrive, and these are great baby gifts whether for your own infant or for a little one elsewhere in your family or social circle.

Colourful designs and high-quality materials are used throughout the range, and multi-pack bib bundles also help to make them seriously cost-effective.

Ask us any questions about baby gifts

If you want to learn more about any of the products on the Baby Box website, or you have any queries about how our baby gifts are made and distributed, please email us right now or call our team on 07506 807 761.


Image Source: Pixabay