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A Guide To Decorating Your Nursery

A Guide To Decorating Your Nursery

With Spring on the way, a lot of us may be focused on deep cleaning our homes, ready for Summer! But what about decorating? Some may have welcomed babies into the world, and now need to find the perfect décor for their nursery! Well, here at The Baby Box, we have a range of personalised prints available which you can use to make your baby's home extra special!

Our Range

1. Personalised Birth Details Print - This is one of our favourite designs, as, what better way to commemorate the very special day, in which your little one was welcomed into the world! This particular design features your little one's full name, their date and time of birth, as well as their weight and of course the names of Mummy and Daddy! And of course we have options in both blue and pink (as well as different coloured frames!)


2. Personalised Initial Print - Another favourite is our initial print. Simple in design, but stands out in any nursery! Featuring your little one's initial in one of our lovely pastel colours, and their name placed over the top in white. This is all set against a lovely, neutral polka dot background, making it stand out even more! Make it extra special and combine it with our Rainbow Print below, in our Set of 2 Bundle.


3. Personalised Rainbow Print - A recent addition to our collection, is our personalised rainbow print. We have a choice of rainbows available, and you can once again choose from our range of lovely pastel colours for your little one's name. The print can be used to celebrate the arrival of your own rainbow baby, or to brighten up any nursery! Combine it with our Initial Print above to make it extra special!


4. Sunshine Print Bundle - Finally, our set of 3 bundle is the perfect choice if you have more wall space! The set includes 3 prints, one featuring the sun, one featuring a rainbow, and the other featuring a cloud. Together they read 'You are my sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey.' Again, like all of our options above, you can choose between A5 or A4 sizing, and either white, or black frames!

How to get in touch with us

Reaching out to The Baby Box team is straightforward whether you call us on 07506 807 761 or contact us online instead. We can answer your questions and provide more product information so that you can order with confidence from our site today.