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An A-Z of Baby Products That Every Parent Will Need – (Part Two)

An A-Z of Baby Products That Every Parent Will Need – (Part Two)

Take a look at the second part of our Baby Products A-Z today. In part 1, we looked at dressing gowns, comfort blankets, bibs and more. Let us talk about the other essential items every parent needs right now.

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Loungewear and tracksuits

Babies can spend a great deal of time engaging in play, and it is not long before they start to move around and start exploring their space. We offer a wide range of loungewear products including tracksuits to ensure your little one wows visitors with their style once family friends and relatives start popping around. Our loungewear products and tracksuits are designed for rough and tumble as well as comfort, which means they are loved not only by kids but their parents too. These products come in various colours including navy, khaki and grey, and you can also personalise them by adding embroidered names and words. These products are suitable for kids as young as six months. 

Personalised sets and bundles

One way to save money and source several related, themed essentials are to purchase one of our personalised bundles. Our Personalised Giraffe Bundle has proved particularly popular recently and comes complete with a giraffe blanket, comfort blanket and robe. We can personalise each of these products with your child’s name. Also popular amongst our customers are the Baby 'Starter' Gift Set, Personalised Blue Star Unicorn Gift Set, Personalised Grey Knitted Bow Blanket, Personalised Light Blue Knitted Bow Blanket, Personalised Home from Hospital Hamper Gift, Personalised White Knitted Bow Blanket, and the Personalised Pink Knitted Bow Blanket. Purchasing gifts in sets can help you make your budget go further and helps you avoid the strain of sourcing multiple products from various places.

Pyjamas and sleepsuits

It is essential to stock up on quality nightwear when buying clothing for babies and young children. We are proud to supply a diverse range of quality pyjamas and sleepsuits to help your little one relax in style. The materials used to create these garments are tough enough to withstand play as well as messy mealtimes. You can also have our pyjamas and sleepsuits personalised to make them extra special. Colours include blue, pink, and grey, and various designs are available.

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We are also noted for the quality of our baby vests, which can also be personalised. Our vests can keep your baby comfortable day and night, and there are many fun messages to choose from. All of our vests are manufactured with 100% cotton to keep your child cool during high temperatures. Our vests can be worn alone or under pyjamas, playsuits, and clothes. There are two sizes available, and these are 0-3 months and 3-6 months. When it comes to colours, you can choose between pastel blue and pastel pink. We also provide personalised vests that you can add your child’s birth year to.

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At The Baby Box, we are proud to offer such a wide range of high-quality products designed to enhance your baby’s quality of life and remove much of the stress from your day-to-day parenting duties. As we want you to be completely satisfied with the products that you buy from us, we welcome you to contact us at any time if you do have any queries about anything you can see in our range.

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