Baby Shower Checklist - Ideas for Your Guests

Baby Shower Checklist - Ideas for Your Guests

Got a baby shower looming on the horizon and looking for ways to make it a special event for all involved? Don’t stress, as we’ve put together a checklist that will cover everything from baby shower gifts to games and activities that will fill the day with fun and laughter, while making sure the mum to be feels super special.

Provide gift ideas for baby showers to attendees in advance

Getting the right baby shower gifts is very important, since you do not want to have lots of people turning up with the same type of item, or get into a situation where some people have spent much more on presents than others.

The best way to orchestrate this is to make sure you know what the new mother actually needs ahead of time, and set up a group chat with the guests so that you can provide them with a list of gifts to pick from.

This of course assumes that you are organising the shower on behalf of a friend or family member; if you are stewarding your own baby shower, don’t be shy to tell people what you need and want. Think of it like an equivalent to a wedding gift list, and no one will mind.

Encourage guests to think outside the box

While having a list of gift ideas for baby showers from which attendees can pick their preferred option is wise, that does not mean that you have to settle for baby shower gifts that are boring or obvious.

For example, here at The Baby Box you can find personalised baby gifts that run the gamut from clothing and accessories to bibs, blankets and much more besides.

By opting for personalised baby gifts you will be getting items that are truly unique, and this will definitely help make them more memorable and cherished than standard baby shower gifts.

Equally if a guest has their own idea which is not covered by the list, encourage them to pitch different baby shower gifts. Just make sure that they also understand that you can veto suggestions as well.


Choose games that are entertaining and inclusive

Baby showers can fly by if you are simply chatting with friends, but it is definitely worth making this event different from a standard get-together with games. The one consideration is that the games themselves need to be playable by all involved, from the pregnant person to older relatives to those who may be attending virtually rather than in the flesh.

There are lots of options to consider here, and one especially enjoyable game involves a little bit of prior preparation. Get everyone to send you one of their own baby pictures ahead of time, then put these together and have other guests try to guess which picture matches which fully grown adult.

Regardless of the games you pick, just make sure that they can be played and enjoyed by all involved, and get prepared well in advance, just as you did with baby shower gifts.

Cater to dietary requirements

Last but not least, you will need to weigh up your options for providing food and refreshments for the baby shower.

Once again your own personal preferences can come into play here, but be sure to also think about any dietary requirements of other attendees. And while the temptation to make it a boozy affair for guests who are not pregnant may be strong, why not go dry in solidarity with the mother to be?

Speak to an expert on personalised baby gifts

The Baby Box is not just a place to find baby shower gifts of all kinds, as our team can advise you on choosing presents for newborns and answer questions if you have them, so call 07506 807 761 or email us.


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