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Buying Christmas Stockings - a Christmas Tradition for the Entire Family

Buying Christmas Stockings - a Christmas Tradition for the Entire Family

Christmas stockings are a hugely popular and widespread festive tradition across the UK as well as in many other countries. They offer parents a fun way to give gifts to kids, while also being suitable for adults as well. Here is a look at why we use stockings for Christmas presents, and what Christmas gift ideas to include this year.

The history of Christmas stockings

Like many historic traditions, tracking down the exact origins of Christmas stockings is a little tricky, with many tales of their first use being legendary rather than factually recorded.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is jolly old Saint Nicholas who is held to be the inspiration behind hanging up stockings for Christmas. Several variations on the story exist, but the gist is that he tossed sacks of money down the chimney of a house to help a poor family, with this cash landing in the stockings which had been hung by the fire to dry. 

From the 19th century onwards, the stocking tradition really took hold, and children went from using a regular sock for receiving gifts, to being given a larger stocking made just for this purpose. No doubt parents at the time were relieved to not have a practical item of clothing unnecessarily over-stretched each Christmas Eve!

Christmas gift ideas for stockings this year

If you are buying Christmas stockings for your kids and for yourself, then filling them with fun and fanciful items is a must. Luckily The Baby Box is a brilliant place to start your search, especially if you want gift ideas that are unique, delightful and family-focused.

To give you a better idea of your options, here are just a few gift ideas to consider for your Christmas stockings this year:

Personalised baby blankets

Even the youngest member of your family can enjoy the process of digging into a stocking and pulling out presents galore. Toys are all well and good, but if you want a practical and beautiful present then a personalised baby blanket could tick all the boxes.

Select the colour combination and design you prefer, then pick the name you want to be stitched into the blanket, and you will receive a truly bespoke, high-quality comfort blanket straight from The Baby Box.

Custom loungewear

Our site is also a great place to find personalised loungewear for little ones of all ages, from those aged under 12 months to kids of 6 years old.

Once again you can get us to print any name onto the clothing of your choice, and we have warm, comfortable tracksuits, including tops and bottoms, of several colours and styles to consider.

Gifts for pets

Lots of families also include furry members in their number, and it is not unusual for a dog or cat to have its own stocking hanging from the mantelpiece on December 24th.

With personalised pet products supplied by The Baby Box, your four-legged companions can feel just as loved at Christmas.

Dressing gowns

Robes are a wonderful gift for kids and adults alike, especially in the winter when cold mornings might make it harder to get out of bed.

You can rely on The Baby Box to supply personalised dressing gowns to dazzle and delight. While lots of gifts in Christmas stockings can feel like ‘filler’, with a cute, stylish, and special product, it will be more memorable and appreciated.

Need any help?

The Baby Box is here to assist you whether you want to know about the gifts we supply that are suitable for Christmas stockings, or if you have any other questions on your mind. Just call us on 07506 807 761 or email our experts right now.


Image Source: Pixabay