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How Long Does Newborn Clothing Last?

How Long Does Newborn Clothing Last?

Getting ready for the arrival of a child is an exciting and daunting prospect for lots of reasons, and your preparations should include investing in clothing for newborns. But how long will newborn clothing thrive, and what things should you consider when choosing newborn clothes? Let’s explore these questions and talk about what options you have as an expectant parent.

Sizing is significant

There are a few things to think about when choosing newborn clothing. While you might be tempted to opt for a larger size of garment so that your child can grow into it, this is not a sensible strategy when it comes to newborns, since it is safest if their clothes fit them snugly rather than hanging loosely.

You can also get a good idea as to whether newborn clothing is suitable from a size perspective based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. For example, on our site you will see things like romper suits with sizes listed for newborns, as well as for babies of 0-3 months, and so on in intervals of three months.

The simple fact of the matter is that newborns not only come in all shapes and sizes, but also develop very quickly. So depending on the specific attributes of your own baby, you might find that your choice of clothing for newborns is influenced by a number of factors.

Durability is essential

Of course aside from newborns invariably outgrowing their earliest clothing after the first three months or so on average, it is also necessary to consider the overall quality of the newborn clothing you select.

Infants are a mucky bunch, and so you can expect that the newborn clothes they wear will need to deal with spills and smears of all sorts.

Choosing high quality clothing for newborns from The Baby Box is the best way to guarantee that the products you pick are second to none in terms of durability, able to withstand all sorts of wear and tear and still look good even after lots of trips through the washing machine.

Longevity depends on the product in question

While newborn clothing can be suitable for several months, there are certain products which will last a lot longer than this, and will remain a favourite option as your child grows.

For example, our baby dressing gowns are available in sizes that offer longer periods of appropriateness, fitting infants between 0-6 months, as well as those between 6-12 months and so on.

We also have comfort blankets which, unlike other newborn clothing, can be a cuddly companion for your kid no matter how old they get.

Then there are products like bibs and vests which often offer a level of adjustability, or general stretchiness, which will let you use them for longer periods, so long as they survive the rigours of regular use.

We also have a whole host of accessories, including personalised baby beanie hats, booties and socks. The materials used here are soft and comfortable, as well as being capable of stretching a little as well, so you will not need to ditch them for a large replacement particularly quickly.

In short, newborn clothing will last for several weeks or months, depending on your child’s size and development speed, so asking for newborn clothes as gifts from friends and family is probably sensible.

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