Ideas to Create a Magical First Christmas with a Newborn Baby

Ideas to Create a Magical First Christmas with a Newborn Baby

If you are the parent of a newborn, or you know someone with an infant, then preparing for the first Christmas they will experience can be a daunting prospect. Luckily there are lots of newborn baby Christmas gifts available, as well as plenty of other ways to make this experience special. Here are just a few ideas to try out.

Picking the perfect newborn baby Christmas gifts

The Baby Box is your one-stop shop for all sorts of newborn baby presents, so picking up your first Christmas gifts from our site is sensible.

This is especially relevant because lots of our newborn baby Christmas gifts are personalised, which means that even if your little one does not remember the day itself in years to come, they will have a tangible token to remind them.

Comfort blankets

The great thing about comfort blankets as first Christmas gifts is that they are practical as well as cute and customisable. We have a whole array of designs to consider, and of course, you can choose which name is stitched into the fabric of the blanket, so that these newborn baby presents strike a chord whether they are gifted to your own child or that of a friend or family member.

First Christmases can be very memorable if you plan properly 


Another thing that infants need in plentiful supply is vests, and The Baby Box features a fully loaded line-up of personalised products in this category as well. You could even get a vest that celebrates the child’s first Christmas specifically, which would make a great addition for festive photos to share with your social circles.


Next up in our list of must-have newborn baby Christmas gifts are sleepsuits, also known as rompers. Infants need plenty of rest throughout the day and night as they grow and develop, so a sleepsuit is invaluable.

Personalisation is also available on all of our rompers, and you also have your choice of colours and sizes to select when you shop for newborn baby Christmas gifts with us.


While newborns will not be tucking into the turkey with everyone else, they will eventually need to make use of bibs as they move onto solid foods. Once again there is a cavalcade of colourful designs to consider on our site, and bib multipacks are great value for money, especially as little ones will get through them at a rate of knots.


Did you know that you can get dressing gowns that are perfectly proportioned for babies? Did you also know that these robes come in colourful and fun animal-themed designs? Well, both of these things are true, and if you want your newborn to look totally adorable on Christmas day, then this is a great present option.

Other first Christmas considerations

There are a few other things to keep in mind as your newborn’s first Christmas draws close. For example, you may want to buy them a stocking to contain the gifts they receive, since even if they are too young to retain a memory of the day, the more photos you have of them, the easier it will be to look back with fondness further down the line.

Also factor in the likelihood that they will get tuckered out, so do not schedule in too much on the day itself; keep things chilled and relaxed.

We also have our brand new range of personalised children's Christmas pyjamas, including our adorable new First Christmas pj's, and our When I Wake Up it Will Be Christmas pyjamas!

We are here to help

The Baby Box wants to make sure customers can find newborn baby Christmas gifts with ease, so if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us online or to give us a call on 07506 807 761 for a quick chat.


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