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Ideas to Keep Babies Cool on Warm Summer Days

Ideas to Keep Babies Cool on Warm Summer Days

Do you need to find ways to keep babies cool during hot summer days? If so, you are in the right place. Find out more about baby temperature cooling here.

Top baby temperature cooling tips

If a baby becomes too hot, it can get terribly ill. Hot summer days can leave a baby dehydrated and cause problems such as sunburn, heatstroke, and heat exhaustion.

Keep your baby cool by reducing clothing, such as wearing a vest

Thankfully, there are things you can do to keep your baby cool and comfortable when warm temperatures strike. Read our comprehensive list for cooling down babies below:

  • If your baby is less than six months, you need to keep them away from direct sunlight. At this age, their skin will not have enough melanin, which gives them a good level of protection from the sun
  • If you have an older baby, try to keep them out of the sun between 11am and 3pm as this is when the sun is at its most powerful. There are things you can do when pushing your baby around in their pushchair to keep them protected, such as adding a parasol to their pushchair
  • When it comes to sun cream, make sure the product you use has a factor of at least 30. Check the packaging to ensure the cream protects your child from dangerous rays. You can buy sun cream that is designed specifically for kids. These products tend to contain fewer additives that are likely to irritate. You may need to apply sun cream repeatedly if your baby or child is spending a long time in the sunshine
  • If your child does not have a sunhat, obtain one as soon as you can. Make sure it offers enough protection for the neck and head as well
  • Hydration is particularly important, so make sure your baby is given enough fluids. Babies that are breastfed will not need access to water until they have moved to solid foods, but they may need to be breastfed more frequently. If your baby is bottle feeding, you can give them extra water on top of their milk
  • Once your baby reaches six months of age and has started to eat solids, give them water with their meals
  • Your babies’ main drinks should include water and milk once they reach a year of age. When the weather gets particularly hot, you can keep them hydrated with ice lollies made from juice or water
  • Paddling pools are great for cooling down babies and keeping children cool, but make sure the pool is left in the shade when the weather gets particularly hot. Do not let them play unsupervised
  • You can also give your child a cool bath in the evening and use a fan to send cool air around their bedrooms
  • During warm summer evenings, allow your baby to sleep in nothing but a nappy and a secure sheet to keep them cool
  • You can also keep a thermometer in your baby’s room to ensure the temperature does not rise to a dangerous level

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