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Infant Clothing - What are Essential Items to Buy?

Infant Clothing - What are Essential Items to Buy?

As expectant parents there are lots of plates to keep spinning, and knowing which types of infant clothing you will definitely need ahead of time is tricky if this is your first child. To help you out, here is a look at a few of the most essential infant clothes to buy, all conveniently available from our site right now.


The brilliant thing about bibs is that they are not just cute and funky, especially if you choose one of the many cool designs available from our site, but also a must-have piece of infant clothing from a practical perspective.

Dribble bibs will let you feed your infant without leaving any messiness on the items they are wearing underneath. And when babies are teething, they will generally be dribbling more even when not tucking into something tasty, so you can see why bibs are all-round essential infant clothes to own.

In addition, there are few types of infant clothing that are more affordable or cost-effective than bibs. The Baby Box supplies multipack bundles of dribble bibs which are of a high quality, yet still come in at an appealing price point.


While as babies develop they can start to wear pyjamas, during the earlier stages they will need to wear infant clothing that is safe when sleeping at night and napping in the day. This is where sleepsuits, otherwise known as rompers, come into play.

With a snug fit, sleepsuits will avoid any tangling or other issues which could come about if your child was wearing looser-fitting clothing.

The good news is that our rompers are also part of our line up of personalised infant clothes, so you can order them complete with your baby’s name printed on the front. Personalised infant clothes like this are also ideal as a gift, so consider buying a sleepsuit for a friend or family member who is expecting a new arrival.


Another example of infant clothing that you really should snap up, vests are ideal for all-round wear, whether your plans involve a day playing at home or a trip out and about.

Once again, you are really spoilt for choice when you shop for vests with The Baby Box, as we not only have a whole host of eye-catching designs, but we also give our customers plenty of personalisation options. We can add the name of your tiny tyke to our vests, and we even have examples that are made specifically to celebrate special occasions.

Every one of the vests we supply is made with 100% cotton, which is ideal not only in terms of its softness and compatibility with your baby’s sensitive skin, but also in terms of its breathability and warmth.

Baby vests can be personalised to make them more special 

Accessories & more

There are quite a few other examples of infant clothing which you should probably stock up on sooner rather than later if you have a baby on the way, and The Baby Box is here to ensure that you can get your hands on top notch items of all sizes and styles.

For example, our accessories includes things like beanie hats that are small enough to fit newborns, ensuring that you can better regulate their temperature and take them out for strolls without them getting cold. We also supply customisable comfort blankets, and so much more besides.

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