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Personalised Baby Robes - an Intimate and Caring Gift

Personalised Baby Robes - an Intimate and Caring Gift

Choosing baby robes as a gift for the little one in your life is worth it for so many reasons. As well as being fun and playful, personalised baby robes are practical and functional, making them a truly caring gift. The Baby Box has all sorts of infant dressing gown designs available, so here is a look at your options.

Impressive personalisation opportunities

The reason that personalised baby robes are such a caring gift is of course that they can be completely customised to make them unique to you. Whether you are looking to give baby robes as a gift to the child of a friend or family member, or this is a present for your own infant, this uniqueness will go a long way to making the item itself memorable and meaningful.

So, what types of personalised baby robes do we supply here at The Baby Box? Well, your alteration options of course start with the colour, as many of our robes come in multiple hues such as pinks and blues, as well as classic greys and whites.

Next up is the name you want to be stitched into the front of your personalised baby robes; you have up to 15 characters to play with, so your child’s name can be displayed loud and proud. This is not just an inclusion that shows you care, but also a convenience, especially in households with more than one child, as there will be no fuss over whose robe is whose.

Finally, there is the size of the dressing gown you pick. Many of our robes are available in size from 0-6 months, rising to 18-24 months. Depending on availability, we may also have larger sizes, for children aged anywhere between 2 to 13 years.


Entertaining designs aplenty

Another advantage of our personalised baby robes for anyone who wants to order a caring gift is that they can be so much fun in their own right. This all comes down to the cute and kooky designs featured on our site, including animal-themed dressing gowns that are far more exciting than anything mum and dad might be wearing in the mornings.

This is all achieved through the inclusion of an integrated hood, on which the features of the animal are stitched. From friendly elephants and glorious giraffes to daft ducks and brightly coloured bears, there are a whole heap of different animals to consider. Even mythical creatures like unicorns are featured, and no matter which you opt for, the entertainment value will be endless.

As you might expect, we also have more standard personalised baby robes available, so just choose whatever makes sense for you.

Unquestionable quality & other options

No matter the personalised baby robes you add to your basket, you can be confident that it will be made with soft, durable materials that will keep kids warm and comfy whenever they wear it.

Furthermore, at The Baby Box, we have a world of other personalised products to consider, including blankets, bibs, vests, loungewear and pyjamas.

Browse our various ranges right here, then choose your customisation options when adding the product you want to your basket, and we will make your desired item and ship it to you nationwide. We are sure that you will be thoroughly satisfied with your purchase.

Let us help you

Do not forget that if you have any queries about our personalised baby robes and other custom products, you can get in touch with The Baby Box team via email or by calling us on 07506 807 761, so please contact us today for more information.


Image Source: Pixabay