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What are some good Easter Gifts for Babies and Newborns?

What are some good Easter Gifts for Babies and Newborns?

How do you buy a special Easter present for that important baby in your life? Well, you could buy chocolate – but it’s obvious, not all babies are ready for chocolate and also, it’s soon gone! Read our guide and buy a special baby a great Easter gift!

The importance of Easter

Easter is an important Christian event celebrated around the world. Easter revolves around two important dates:

  • Good Friday – when Jesus was crucified and “good triumphed over evil” and
  • Easter Sunday – Jesus was resurrected

Celebrated each Spring, Easter is also a time where nature is in bloom and seeking to renew itself ahead of the summer. So, Easter often symbolises “renewal”.

As well as being a time for family, quiet remembrance, church services, Easter eggs and more it is also a great time for giving gifts.

Baby’s first Easter

Buying baby’s first Easter gifts is a special way to celebrate and commemorate the special baby in your life’s first Easter. This gift can be treasured for many years to come and will act as a keepsake for parents they can look back upon. If you are attending a baby shower that is near to Easter these can also make a timely gift.

Some great Easter gifts ideas for babies and newborns

Whether you are buying an Easter gift for a child, grandchild, nephew, niece, god child or other relationship it doesn’t matter, there are plenty of options. Here are a few popular items to consider:

  • Books – bible stories, children’s books, etc.
  • Clothing – a variety of clothing typically with Easter messages
  • Food – chocolates, Easter eggs, sweets, etc.
  • Jewellery – such as earrings, necklaces, etc.
  • Ornaments – such as jewellery boxes, etc.
  • Stuffed toys – particularly rabbits!

Personalised Easter gifts from Baby Box

If you are looking for a special Easter gift though, why not buy personalised Easter gifts from Baby Box? Personalised gifts are so much more memorable and “personal”, give a thoughtful gift at Easter with Baby Box.

The following are some examples of gift ideas from Baby Box, which can be personalised with Easter messages:

  • Blankets – order blankets with a personalised Easter message
  • Comfort Blankets – order comfort blankets with “1st Easter” rather than a name
  • Pyjamas – simply order a pair of pyjamas and add your personalised Easter message

Buy a personalised product from Baby Box and personalise it with an Easter message 

As well as buying personalised gifts from Baby Box with Easter as the personalisation you could of course buy our baby gifts range and personalise with the Child’s name – this also makes a great Easter gift!

If there are other products you would like but aren’t sure, see our contact details below and call us to discuss your requirements.

Advice on ordering

Easter always has a set date, usually gifts are given in time for Easter Sunday. So, if you are ordering Easter gifts always ensure you leave sufficient time for the gift to be delivered before Easter. Always check the lead-time on deliveries before placing an order – to avoid disappointment!

Contact us for Easter enquiries

Sort your Easter gifts out at Baby Box. If you need to speak to us, call us on 07506 807 761, emails are fine too, send emails to Our full contact information if published here. For social media lovers, why not view our images at Instagram, connect and follow us at, send direct messages here too!


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