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In What Ways Can Baby Gifts be Personalised?

In What Ways Can Baby Gifts be Personalised?

Perhaps you are new to the world of personalisation when buying gifts for newborns and babies? Ask yourself this question, what is best – a plain gift or one which is personalised in some way to the baby/family?

A personalised baby gift, perhaps at birth, on a birthday or at a Christening are a great keepsake and memento for many years to come, particularly for the parents. There are numerous ways in which personalisation is achieved. So, read on and learn “in what ways can baby gifts be personalised?”

Personalisation methods

A range of methods to personalise baby gifts and presents are available. These change a “vanilla” plain and ordinary product into one which is personalised, special and unique to the recipient. In this article we focus on three of the most popular techniques, which are print, embroidery, and inscription.

1)    Print

Print is a popular method to add a personalisation message to baby gifts and presents. Choose print for an attractive and cost-effective method to personalise baby clothing and items around the home. Typically, a variety of print fonts and sizes are available to match with your personal tastes.

Examples of product ranges we have at Baby Box with personalised print are loungewear and tracksuits, pyjamas and vests

2)    Embroidery

Add a personal touch to clothing, home items and accessories through embroidery. These make an attractive gift, are cost-effective and look beautiful when given as a present.

The most popular thread colours tend to be pink (for girls) and blue (for boys) but a range of threads are available to suit the product being embroidered.


Examples of product ranges we have at Baby Box with personalised embroidery are pyjamas, robes and dressing gowns and towels.

Examples of product ranges we have at Baby Box with personalised embroidery are pyjamas.

3)    Inscription

Although not provided by Baby Box, inscription (a form of engraving) is a popular method of personalising baby gifts. Inscription adds a personalisation message by removing a small piece of material at the surface layer. This is a frequently used method to inscribe messages on jewellery, money boxes, ornaments, photo albums and frames as well as various other products.

Personalisation messages

A range of personalisation messages can be added to baby gifts. These vary according to the company and product, some popular examples follow, but others may be available upon request:

  • Baby name – this could be as examples:
    • First name – e.g., Emily (or Baby Emily)
    • Second name – e.g., Brown (or Baby Brown)
    • Initials – e.g., EMB for “Emily May Brown”
    • Or a forename/surname combination – Emily Brown
  • Nickname – a variety of nicknames could be added where a baby has a special name in the family
  • Special dates – a variety of special dates could apply including:
    • Baby’s first Father’s Day
    • Baby’s first Mother’s Day
    • Birth – e.g., congratulations on the birth of “baby…”
    • Birthday – happy birthday, happy first birthday, etc.
    • Christening – happy Christening
    • Christmas – merry Christmas
    • Easter – Easter wishes
    • Other religious occasions – occasions celebrated in other religions

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