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Welcome to the Baby Box UK Blog!

Welcome to the Baby Box UK Blog!

We are so happy to launch the Baby Box UK blog. Here we will be publishing blog articles every month on a continual basis from now onwards, via this page. Our advice is to bookmark, as a memory aid to view articles in the future.

About the Baby Box blog

The blog has been created using Shopify. This a website and eCommerce tool we use to manage products and this website. Whenever you want to read our latest blog posts, click on to read the latest blog posts available.

When you view this link, you will be able to see teaser links to our most recently published articles. You will see a title of the blog article and the beginning of the post. Simply click the link for any post you are interested in to read and view the full article.

What type of blog articles will The Baby Box website feature?

We plan to publish numerous articles per month. Expect to see the following types of articles:

  • Baby and parenting – a range of articles about baby and parenting topics
  • Legal information – If there are any legal changes relating to baby and parenting, we may write a blog post on a related topic
  • Products:
  • General information – our blog will be used as a way of providing additional information about our product range, which is not always possible to provide on product pages
    • New products – we will publish content about new products available from us
    • Seasonal – expect to see seasonal product information, e.g., Christmas

Formats of content you can expect to see

We will publish content in a diverse range of formats. These will include questions with answers such as “What are…”, “Why use…”, “How to…”. We will also be producing “5 of” and “7 of” type content, which will be useful when you make purchasing decisions. Our main aim is to publish content in a diversity of formats, which will be engaging and interesting to read.

Why did The Baby Box create this blog?

Communication with our website visitors is important and the blog is a great opportunity for us to convey additional information about our products and baby-related news and information. We have many years of experience in baby and parenting and want to share our knowledge and expertise through this blog.

Suggestions for new blog content

We are always looking for new topics to write blog content about. So, if there are any articles you would like then please send us a message. We already have over six months of titles to write, so we may have covered the topics you are interested in.

Please send suggestions for new content to We cannot make any guarantees about publishing content and may need six+ months before we can schedule your suggested content. You can also suggest additional blog topics at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Here is to the start of something new!

We hope you have enjoyed reading this inaugural article. Please do bookmark this page and revisit often to learn about baby and parenting topics and what is new at the Baby Box UK.

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Thanks for reading our inaugural blog, we hope you visit regularly and read many of our future posts. Please contact us in the following ways: