What are Personalised Baby Clothes?

What are Personalised Baby Clothes?

More people are picking up personalised clothing for babies, either as a gift for someone else’s child or for their own infant. The Baby Box is packed with personalised baby clothes, but what are they exactly, why are they so appealing to modern parents, and what are your options when choosing between baby clothes presents right here on our site?

Personalised baby clothes – the basics

As the name suggests, personalised clothing for babies is a type of garment which is made to order for each customer, using the latest manufacturing technologies to print or stitch the child’s name onto it for all to see.

Our site lets you enter up to 15 characters of your choice when you order personalised baby clothes, so the customisation process is simple. You can also make your purchase even more bespoke by selecting the size, colour and design of the clothing in question from many variables.

Personalised baby gifts printed with any name are available 

The benefits of personalised baby clothes

There are several advantages of baby clothes presents which have been personalised, with the uniqueness sitting at the top of the list. Personalised gifts like this are simply a lot more special, particularly since they can celebrate and signify a new arrival with aplomb, and be all the more meaningful for it.

Another perk is that personalised baby clothes can be adjusted according to your tastes, rather than leaving you with a limited range of off-the-peg options to consider. Whatever combination of colours you prefer, and whatever size is suitable for your little one, The Baby Box has got you covered.

It is also worth considering that clothing which bears your baby’s name will be instantly recognisable, so if you have a busy household or are visiting with someone else, you will always know which items belong to your child.

The range of clothing to compare & contrast

As mentioned earlier, you have a large array of choice when buying baby clothes presents here at The Baby Box, as our line up includes:


Picture-perfect pyjamas and sleepsuits which are comprehensively customisable are a popular option amongst our customers, and we have everything from rompers for newborns up to two piece sets for older children. Just let us know what name you want printed on your personalised baby clothes and we will do the rest!

Baby robes

Ever wondered if your kid would look cute in a dressing gown that has been personalised with their name? Wonder no more, as The Baby Box has an excellent selection of high quality robes in sizes suitable for babies and toddlers, each of which can also be adapted as you see fit. Furthermore they come in all sorts of animal designs, which ups the cute factor another few notches.


Another surprising and stunning addition to the array of personalised clothing you can buy for your baby, loungewear is comfortable and practical, as well as being completely adorable to behold. Tracksuit sets including tops and bottoms are on offer, and there are the expected multitude of colours and designs to weigh up.

Vests & accessories

Baby vests combine form and function in equal measure, and with customisation you can ensure that they are gift to remember. We also stock a whole world of accessories, such as socks, beanie hats, comfort blankets and even hooded towels. So what are you waiting for?

Ask us about our personalised baby products

If you want to get the lowdown on our products or ask questions about the personalised gifts that we supply to customers across the country, please call 07506 807 761 or message our team and we will do our best to help out.


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