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Baby Box UK - Personalisation Techniques and Methods

Your little ones are only young once, so make the most of their baby, toddler, and childhood years through buying personalised products that both you and your child will love.

As the name suggests personalisation makes the product, so much more “personal”. Adding embroidered or printed personalisation adds a bit of interest and can be a talking point with people you meet. Buy as a keepsake or given as a gift, we are sure you will find that personalised baby products are ones you will cherish.

Features of personalisation

Here are some of the main aspects of personalisation from the Baby Box:

  • Name – personalise with first name, surname, or initials (this varies from product to product)
  • Embroidered – have an embroidered personalisation:
    • Characters – this varies but is often up to ten to twelve characters
    • Fonts – we can provide Castle, Chancery and Garamond fonts
  • Print – add printed personalisation such as with our range of vests
  • Colour – a wide variety of personalisation colours are available with pink, blue, black, grey, and gold all being extremely popular choices

Not personalised

All of our products are personalised apart from our range of bibs.

How to order personalisation

Personalisation is extremely easy to order. Whenever you order a product from The Baby Box (apart from bibs), the type of personalisation will be provided in the product description. When you order the product, you will receive the personalisation that goes along with it.

To personalise an item, simply add your item to the cart, and then put the name of your choice into the box labelled 'Message to Seller'! 

The Baby Box – Contact Information

If you need help advice and support on personalising the Baby Box range of baby products, then why not contact us? You can phone us on 07506 807 761, email us at or direct message / follow us on Instagram at