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7 FAQs About Personalising Baby Gifts

7 FAQs About Personalising Baby Gifts

Welcome to our latest blog topic. Here we investigate the reasons why personalising baby gifts is such a great idea. These address general personalisation topics rather than specific questions about the Baby Box UK personalisation service.

1)    Why personalise baby gifts?

The main reason to buy a personalised baby gift, is because you want the gift to be personal and have sentimental value.

“Make it personal” through buying a gift that the parents and the baby (especially when they get older) will love and cherish. Essentially personalising a baby gifts shows love, that you care and also that you wanted to take that little bit of extra effort in selecting a gift.

2)    What occasions is personalisation particularly ideal for?

Here are just a few examples of suitable occasions:

  • Birth – upon the birth of a child, a personalised gift is an ideal keepsake for both the parent and child
  • Birthday – what better way of expressing “Happy Birthday” than by saying it personally on a gift
  • Christening – when a child is christened/dedicated or similar service a personalised gift is a wonderful idea
  • Christmas – give a gift, which is a bit different to everybody else’s at Christmas with a personalised message


3)    What are some example products which can be personalised?

Here at the Baby Box UK, we sell personalised baby clothing-related products such as bibs, blankets, comfort blankets, loungewear, robes and dressing gowns and vests.

There are many other products, which can be personalised too. A few examples include dummies, jewellery, ornaments, photo albums and pottery.

4)    Do personalised baby gifts make a nice keepsake?

They certainly do! Many parents keep personalised baby gifts for a lifetime. Imagine showing gifts given at birth or a Christening to the child on their 18th/21st birthday? Well, you can only do this if these gifts were given in the first place!

Keepsake gifts take on an especially important role when the giver passes away. It is a chance to remember a personal gift from a parent/grandparent after they have died. Buy a gift, which potentially can last a lifetime, a personalised baby gift.

5)    In which ways can gifts be personalised?

Baby gifts can be personalised in a number of ways, including:

  • Embroidery – gifts can be embroidered with names and other messages
  • Engraving, etching, and inscribing – particularly used for jewellery, messages can be engraved, etched, and inscribed
  • Photo embedding – on occasions photos can be taken and embedded into a gift to give the ultimate in personal touches and
  • Printing – a message can be added through print, usually, a choice of fonts is made available

6)    Does personalisation suggest a little bit “extra” thought has gone into buying the gift?

It certainly does. Personalisation shows that some “thought and effort” was applied in buying the gift and that the buyer took more effort than picking up off a supermarket shelf or ordering an item online.

7)    What are some additional facts about personalisation with The Baby Box?

Here are some aspects to consider when you order through The Baby Box:

  • FREE – all personalisation with our company is FREE of charge
  • Personalisation can either be through embroidery or printing
  • Personalisation is not available on our baby bibs range
  • View detailed information about our personalisation service at

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