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An Introduction to Baby & Young Children’s Personalised Pyjamas

An Introduction to Baby & Young Children’s Personalised Pyjamas

There is no doubt that babies and young children love getting snuggly in their pyjamas. They love it, even more, when the pyjamas are personalised with their name on them. Here we explore the world of personalised pyjamas and why they make such a good gift idea.

Why do pyjamas make such a great gift?

Here are some reasons why pyjamas make such a wonderful gift:

  • A gift that will be used – when you buy pyjamas you know they will be used, unlike other gifts, which may never see active use
  • Cannot have enough pyjamas – most parents agree that you can never have enough pairs of pyjamas. Little ones can be “muck magnets” and having lots of pairs of pyjamas is more than useful!
  • Everybody involved can enjoy – the baby/child will love wearing the pyjamas, the parents will love having another pair of pyjamas and the gift-giver will love knowing that a gift they bought is frequently used
  • Ideal for special occasions – when you are stuck for a gift on a special occasion pyjamas are ideal for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc.
  • Repeated use – your gift can be used time and time again. After each wash, your pyjamas are ready to use once more


Why buy personalised pyjamas?

OK, so we have established that buying pyjamas is an excellent idea, but why personalise them?

  • Fun – what could be more fun for the child, parents and gift buyer than sharing a common interest in a piece of clothing. Personalising is fun and will prove to be a talking point for the life of the pyjamas!
  • Little ones will love them – that special little one in your life will love to wear pyjamas with their name on
  • More personal – buying personalised pyjamas is much more personal. It shows you care and that you have put thought into buying your gift
  • Not too expensive – check out our pyjamas range, they will not be as expensive as you might think! Infact, personalised pyjamas are often cheaper than prices charged in High Street stores, who need to cover expensive overheads
  • Parents will love them – parents will love to see their little ones wearing pyjamas, which have their name personalised on them
  • Shows that you care – buying personalised pyjamas shows that you care! You have gone to the time and trouble to select and buy a gift which is personal in nature, it conveys love


About Baby Box’s Personalised Pyjamas range

Here are some highlights of our personalised pyjamas range:

  • Colours – the colours available are blue, grey, and pink
  • Personalisation method – our pyjamas are personalised through the addition of print
  • Sizes – we supply various sizes from 6-12 months right up to 5-6 years
  • Various designs – choose from short/long sleeves as well as button-up and pull over the head

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