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The Perfect Winter Gift Guide 2022

The Perfect Winter Gift Guide 2022

It’s that time of the year where the nights are long, the weather is cold out and you can’t seem to get warm! This is why we are giving you our top picks to keep your little one warm and cosy this winter! With a huge variety of beautiful Blankets, Pyjamas & Dressing Gowns available at The Baby Box, you can add something to your little ones wardrobe this winter, made even more special with their name embroidered onto it.

Our Top Picks

  1. Personalised Knitted Bow Blanket – This is one of my personal favourite blankets we do here at The Baby Box, this luxury cable knit blanket with a wonderfully soft and fluffy fleece backing finished with a lovely silk bow. You can bundle your little one up in one of our bow blankets knowing that they will be able to keep warm and look super cute whilst doing so! They are available in a choice of 4 colours: Pink, Blue, Grey or White
    Personalised Bow Blankets
  1. Personalised Pom Pom Blanket – Another blanket in our range is another luxury cable knit blanket. Similarly to the bow blanket, the pom pom blanket has a lovely fluffy backing that will keep your little on all snuggly when wrapped up in it, finished with some lovely little pom poms on the corners to add that special little touch. This range is available in Mustard, Coffee and Dusty Pink, 3 lovely autumnal tones that are just beautiful.
    Personalised PomPom Blankets
  1. Personalised Bobble Blanket – In at number 3 is our personalised bobble blanket, this is one of our best sellers here at The Baby Box due to the lovely dimple design throughout. As well as keeping baby warm they will love the feel of the bobbles, perfect for sensory play! These blankets also come in a variety of colours: Pink, Blue, Grey and White.
  1. Personalised Rose Bud Blanket – 4th on our list is the classic rosebud blanket design. This blanket has the signature rosebud pattern throughout the top side of the blanket, lined with a lovely fleece backing to ensure your little one is warm and content even on the coldest of days. They’re available in: Blue, Pink, White & Grey.
    Personalised Rosebud Blankets
  1. Personalised Bear Ear Robes – What would a winter clothing pick list be without a dressing gown? Our bear ear robes are absolutely perfect for winter and keeping warm. This multi-purpose robe could be worn at home just to keep warm and snuggly or for putting on after bath time. This is one of our most popular products here at The Baby Box, soft to the touch dressing gown finished with some adorable bear ears on the hood to keep your little cub wrapped up! Available from 0-2 years in: Blue, Pink, Grey and White.
  1. Personalised Giraffe Robe – Sticking with dressing gowns at number 6 on the list is our grey giraffe robe. This robe is just so cute! With a giraffe print throughout the robe finished with the cutest giraffe face on the hood, this is perfect for any safari themed baby nursery and for keeping baby warm in the winter!
  1. Personalised Elephant Robe – Another safari themed robe in our list is the grey elephant robe, this gown is also perfect for wrapping up and keeping warm finished with a lovely elephant face and trunk to the hood.
  1. Personalised Giraffe Bundle – The personalised giraffe robe is making another appearance in this list however this time it is part of a bundle, who doesn’t love a bundle?! This set is perfect for anyone who loves matching sets and this one is just adorable. This is made up of a Giraffe Robe, Giraffe Blanket and the most adorable Giraffe Comfort Blanket & of course with any great bundle, there is a discount for getting the full set!

The perks of personalised blankets

Bespoke blankets can be the answer to a lot of common ‘What do I get for Samantha’s Baby??’

First of all, you can get a baby blanket for almost anywhere now-a-days, but when you choose to get a personalised product from The Baby Box, it makes the gift that bit more special. The little one will be able to cherish your gift for years to come knowing that you specifically chose that just for them with their name embroidered onto it for them!

Blankets are such a special thing to babies, and children and they often keep hold of them for years and years as it becomes their safety net, I know people who even keep them until they’re adults! This takes your gift from being a disposable gift to something that can be cherished for years.

Even more personalised gifts available

As you might expect, The Baby Box specialises in custom clothinggifts and accessories for babies and young children. So, if you want to treat that special little someone in your life whether it’s your child, your grandchild, niece, nephew or your friends little one we have got what you need!

From bespoke loungewear to sleepsuits and beyond, you can buy your little ones something totally unique. We even cater to pets with personalised blankets, and every one of our products is made with top-notch materials.

Get in touch if you need help

We will gladly provide answers to questions you have about our products, and give you information about how our services operate, so simply send us an email:, give our team a ring on 07506 807 761 or message us on our Instagram - @BabyBox_UK to get assistance from our experts.

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