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What blankets are best for newborns?

What blankets are best for newborns?

When you are a parent to a newborn, there are so many things to think about that it can feel overwhelming. Working out which are the best newborn blankets to choose from does not need to add to this, so here is a look at the qualities and ins and outs of deciding and doing the best for your baby early on.

Newborn blankets need a few key features to appeal

Safety should be a priority

Any parent will want to keep their child safe, and so the best newborn blankets to choose will obviously need to take this into account.

Whichever blanket you pick, always follow expert advice when using the blanket, keeping their heads uncovered and always ensuring that blanket use is carefully supervised. Safety is the main reason that it is recommended for parents to sleep in the same room as their newborn for the first six months until they reach a later stage in their development when the risks are lower.

Temperature regulation also comes into play here; the best newborn blankets to choose from are those which are lightweight, rather than super-thick. This is all about getting control over your child’s temperature, rather than inadvertently allowing them to overheat. You can always add more blankets if they are too cold, so having more than one to hand during the winter months or when you are out and about is worthwhile.

Consider the material used

Following on from the safety-based selection process of the best newborn blankets to choose from, weighing up your options according to the kinds of materials and fabrics used is a good move.

Blankets suitable for newborns need to be soft and gentle on their skin since you want to swaddle them in something that will not cause friction or irritation. The material also has to be breathable, which goes back to the point about temperature regulation; if it is too cloying, then it may exacerbate issues of overheating rather than helping with temperature management.

Both natural and synthetic materials may be used in baby blankets, so do not worry too much about looking for one or the other. Instead be sure to buy blankets that are designed for newborns, like the range we offer at The Baby Box.

Style is not something you need to sacrifice

While the practical aspects of the best newborn blankets to choose from might be at the top of the agenda, it is also worth mentioning that you can still enjoy a good-looking, well-made example that is selected because of its aesthetics.

Once again, The Baby Box is here to help in this respect, as we have all sorts of comfort blankets for newborns and older babies as well.

Personalisation is another advantage of shopping with us, as we not only stock a wide selection of personalised blankets in different colours and with a variety of baby names stitched into them, but also clothing, pyjamas, bibs and so much more besides.

From bright blues (for boys) to vivid pinks (for girls) and on to more neutral tones, we have every style of blanket and garment you could ever need, whether you are buying for your own newborn or you are looking for a gift to give to a friend or family member who has just welcomed a little one into the world. Plush, comfortable, and durable, we offer the best newborn blankets to choose from if you want every box ticked.

Need more advice on what blankets are best for newborn babies?

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