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Why are Baby Bibs Such an Ideal Gift to Give?

A bib is simply a small piece of soft and absorbent cloth, which ties comfortably around the neck of a baby. It is a deceptive accessory though and cannot be underestimated in importance. Perhaps not the most popular of gifts, here we explore “Why are baby bibs such an ideal gift to give?”

Why are bibs an ideal gift?

In case you were thinking that bibs are not a good gift, here are some good reasons that they really do make a great gift:

  • Keep baby clean and dry – a lot of people think that babies do not mind being dirty and wet, generally this is untrue, they often get grumpy. Prevention is better than cure, so with a baby wearing a bib it will help them to keep both clean and dry
  • More bibs than dinners! – every parent knows that you can never have too many bibs. Sometimes, it seems more bibs are needed than dinners. Therefore, any bibs you buy will most certainly be used, infact they will be used very often!
  • Protect clothes – bibs help to protect babies’ clothes in the following ways:
    • Fluids - protect clothes from fluid spills such as juice and milk. Babies will often leak these, but sometimes the bottles themselves will cause this to happen.
    • Food – babies will sometimes spit out food by accident or on purpose for fun. Some foods stain really easily and would render some clothing unusable again, a bib saves on the amount of clothes you will use over time
    • Sick – babies will spontaneously be sick. Rather than be sick on their clothes and ruin them it is wiser to have a bib ready, especially just after mealtimes or when you know your baby is a little “under the weather”
  • Repeated use – bibs are designed for repeated use. Most bibs will not stain too badly and generally, it does not matter too much if they do stain a little. Buy a gift, which will be used time and time again. As long as a baby eats, drinks and is sick, bibs will be needed!
  • Saves on clothes washing - Wear a bib and most times you will only need to change the bib and not the entire set of clothing! This will also irritate your baby much less, which is certainly another benefit too!

About Baby Box’s Bibs range

Are you looking to buy value-for-money bibs with nice features and designs which the special baby in your life will love? If so, here are some highlights of the bibs range available at The Baby Box:

  • Colours – the colours available are blue (for boys), grey (unisex), and pink (for girls)
  • Pack size – you will be buying between three and seven bibs, depending upon which pack exactly you buy
  • Personalisation – our bibs are not personalised; this means they can be returned to us if the bibs are unsuitable
  • Sizes – there are no specific sizes stated, our bibs are designed for use for babies/toddlers up until about two years of age
  • Various patterns – choose from a range of patterns – a massive choice is available!

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