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Personalised Baby Clothing

Personalised Baby Clothing

Welcome to the Baby Box Clothing page. Here you can find a summary of all the baby clothing ranges we sell on our website.

Baby Box UK clothing ranges

We have four main categories of babies clothing, which we discuss below:

1)    Personalised baby loungewear and tracksuits

The beauty of this loungewear range is that they are great for “rough and tumble” play, whilst also being comfortable and stylish. Available in grey, khaki and navy, we have to admit that the white embroidered personalisation looks particularly cool on this range.

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2)    Personalised baby and young children pyjamas

Add a personal touch by choosing our stylish pyjamas which are available in blue (boys), pink (girls) and grey (unisex). These hard-wearing pyjamas are (naturally) great in bed but are also ideal for coping with the rigours of the day!

Choose from short/long-sleeved pyjamas and fleecy materials according to whether you want to buy them for the summer or winter periods. Our personalised pyjamas range goes right up until six years of age, so there is every opportunity to buy matching pyjamas for a newborn baby and their older sibling!

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3)    Personalised baby robes and dressing gowns

Our baby robes and dressing gowns are deliberately designed to be cute and fluffy. Babies will love the feel as they are incredibly soft to the touch. These are a great alternative to towels and also have a hoodie, which prevents heat loss from the head after bath times. These robes/gowns will give babies a sense of being cosy, secure, and warm, which always helps them keep in a cheerful mood!

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4)    Personalised baby vests

Vests are indispensable! Browse through our range of personalised baby vests, which are made from 100% high-quality cotton. Available in two sizes, 0-3 months and 3-6 months, parents can never have too many vests – we think these are a particularly good gift for a baby shower!

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Baby-related accessories

We also advise you to check out our range of accessories, which babies and parents alike will love - personalised baby bibs, personalised baby blankets and personalised baby comfort blankets.

Contact us now to discuss personalised baby clothing

You will see when you buy any of our personalised baby clothing that the personalisation adds a nice touch and shows thought and care. Maybe though you feel you need some support before ordering, if so, why not contact us?

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