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7 Amazing Ideas for Custom Baby Gifts

7 Amazing Ideas for Custom Baby Gifts

In the market for custom baby gifts? Our site is the best place to find them, and to help narrow down your options, we have put together 7 baby gift ideas that will knock your socks off. Whether you are buying customised baby gifts for your own nipper, or you want something for a baby shower, we have you covered.

Comfort blankets

Babies love comfort blankets, and they make amazing unique baby gifts, especially when you order from The Baby Box. Not only can you take your pick of high quality, completely personalised blankets designed from the ground up for infants, but you can also choose between a range of fun, animal-themed designs to make them even more appealing.


Is there anything cuter than the idea of dressing your little one in loungewear which is not only comfortable and cosy, but also completely bespoke? The custom baby gifts we supply include tracksuits of several sizes and colours, and you can choose whichever name or set of initials you want printed on them.


Your youngsters need pyjamas and sleepsuits from an early age, but these do not have to be bland and off-the-peg. Browsing our customised baby gifts will reveal the multitude of options in this range, from combo sets for newborns that include snug rompers, right up to pyjamas for kids who are a little older. Like all our custom baby gifts, you get to choose the name printed on them, so you are in complete control of the finished product.

Dressing gowns

Another surprisingly practical and stylish choice among the 7 baby gift ideas are the dressing gowns available from The Baby Box. You can have your child’s name stitched into the front of these robes, and you can also play dress-up with them as well since many of the options are animal-themed, just like our comfort blankets. Turn the adorability up to 11 with our dressing gowns!

 Custom dressing gowns make a great gift for kids


Bibs are a must-have for any parent of a baby, and with all of the stunning designs and cost-conscious multipacks we supply, you will have a whole heap of choice available to you. We have dribble bibs for boys and girls, as well as unisex bibs if you prefer a more neutral look and feel. And of course like all custom baby gifts sold by us, the quality and durability is unquestionable. 


Keeping a baby happy and content has a lot to do with maintaining their temperature at a comfortable level, and vests can be a boon in this respect, whether you are having fun at home or out and about with the pram. In amongst the custom baby gifts at The Baby Box, you will find a full line up of vests that can be personalised to your liking. Made with materials that are both durable and soft enough for even the most sensitive skin, these vests are a must-have.


Last but not least, why not check out the dinky hats we supply for tiny tots? They are sized to suit infants and they come in colours galore. With our custom baby gifts, you do not have to settle for less, and customisation of these hats is as simple as entering the name you want before you add one to your basket on our site.

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If you want to learn more about all that The Baby Box can offer, you simply need to call our friendly team on 07506 807 761, or drop us an email with your questions and we will endeavour to reply quick snap. These presents are great for parents, grandparents, and family friends alike.


Image Source: Pixabay