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What are the Most Useful Newborn Presents to Give?

What are the Most Useful Newborn Presents to Give?

If you are parents to a newborn, or you know someone who is, then there may be a lot of gifts that are on your wish list. But what are the most useful newborn presents to give, rather than opting for attractive but ultimately impractical options? Here are some newborn gift ideas that fit this description down to the ground.

Bibs should be a top priority

As babies tend not to have the best table manners, bibs will definitely be amongst the most useful presents for newborns.

Our site has plenty of brilliant bibs to browse and buy, and as well as being able to buy them individually, you can also pick them up in bundles. New parents will definitely appreciate receiving a bumper pack of bibs so that as they begin to wean their bundle of joy onto solids, they have a way to shield their clothing from spills.

There are bibs for boys and girls, as well as neutral bibs if you are buying a gift for a baby without knowing the gender ahead of the birth. And of course, there are gorgeous designs and high-quality materials present throughout this range.

Dribble bibs are a useful newborn gift

Sleepsuits make for comfortable & restful nights

New parents will always be tired out during the first few weeks or months of their child’s life, and so anything you can do to help them get a bit of rest will be a godsend. 

With sleepsuits and rompers available in sizes ranging from newborn and upwards, The Baby Box can give you the gift that keeps on giving. Sure, there are other useful presents for newborns, but a cosy and safe sleepsuit will keep kids and parents alike content.

You can even personalise our baby rompers with the newborn’s name, which is an extra-special touch that will make your gift stand out from the rest. And it definitely pays to mix things up with newborn gift ideas like this.

Blankets will also be welcome

When you have a newborn, the first few days at home will be a process of nesting and bonding. But eventually, you will be glad to venture outdoors and show your baby to the world, and vice versa.

This is where blankets can be useful presents for newborns, whether you are buying them for your own child or giving them as a gift to a friend or family member. They can be used to keep the chill out on strolls with the pram, they can be used safely during supervised naps, and they are also designed to be soft to the touch, accommodating the sensitivities of newborn skin with ease.

At The Baby Box, we have customisable baby blankets available, letting you add the newborn’s name and even choose the colour. As with all our products, the quality is undeniable, and the pricing is competitive. These make an ideal gift for grandparents.

Vests will work wonders

Another item that newborns can never have too many of is vests. For everyday wear, mid-day naps, outdoor strolls, or any other occasion, these are useful presents for newborns that should win over anyone who is struggling for newborn gift ideas at the moment.

Once again, you can get personalised newborn vests right here, and our flexible printing options mean that choosing something genuinely unique is a breeze. Made with cotton and seamed to protect the skin, our vests are also easy to use.

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