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Add a Personal Touch When You Buy Personalised Baby Presents

Add a Personal Touch When You Buy Personalised Baby Presents

Personalising the gifts you pick for the little ones in your life is better than going for a generic equivalent, as you can add a personal touch to make it that bit more special. Here is a look at the options you have with personalised gifts for babies, from the customisations available to the products we supply on our site. These are a great buy for parents, grandparents, family friends and extended family.

Why choose personalised baby presents?

The first and most important reason that personalised gifts for babies should be on your radar is that they will be far more memorable and important to the dinky recipient and their parents than a product that is off-the-peg.

With personalised baby presents, you are giving something unique, and it will be treasured for years to come, long after the child has outgrown it. Adding an extra layer of attachment and meaning to a gift in this simple way will grant you lots more kudos as the present-giver.

Another perk is that new parents will always be grateful to receive practical personalised baby presents, and if an item includes their child’s name, then it will be easy to identify if mixed in with other garments in the wash, or taken to a different location.

 Bespoke baby gifts are practical and attractive

What personalised baby presents are available?

The Baby Box has all sorts of personalised baby presets to browse, customise and buy online, including:

Pyjamas & sleepsuits

Our pyjamas and sleepsuits can be ordered in all sorts of sizes, catering for newborn infants right up to children of 5 or 6. And our customisation options are excellent, letting you choose the name that is printed or stitched onto the front. Lots of colours are available, and soft, comfy materials are used across this part of our personalised baby presents line up.

Dressing gowns

Cosy mornings and late night cuddles can be enhanced thanks to our baby dressing gowns. These are not only customisable just like our pyjamas, but they also feature different animal designs, with hoods that can transform your infant or toddler into a giraffe, unicorn, bear or duck.


Everyone needs clothes that are designed for chilling out in, and our baby loungewear is ideally suited to relaxing days at home. Just choose the name you want to be printed on the clothing and let The Baby Box do the rest!


Fully personalised comfort blankets are a top choice of personalised baby presents-seekers, and like our dressing gowns we have many animal designs here as well, giving you the best of both worlds in terms of warmth and kid-friendly aesthetic appeal.


In terms of all-purpose personalised baby presents, vests might be the most sensible choice, as every parent will need plenty of vests for everyday use, especially when their child is young and makes more of a mess at mealtimes. Speaking of mealtimes, you will also find bibs and other accessories here at The Baby Box which will round out your choice of gifts that add a personal touch.

Designs & customisation options galore

Finally it is worth noting that different products on our site offer different designs and different levels of customisation. For example, with our vests you can find designs which help to celebrate and commemorate the year in which your child was born, which again helps with making this type of gift truly one of a kind.

Speak to us if you have a question

You can always email or call our team on 07506 807 761 if you want to learn more about our personalised gifts for babies (for boys or girls), or if you have general queries about how our products are made and what service we offer customers.


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