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Giving Baby Boy Blankets as a Gift

Giving Baby Boy Blankets as a Gift

Are you struggling to find an ideal gift for a baby boy, which is a little different? Our baby boy blankets are maybe exactly what you are looking for. Colours of baby blankets most typically are blue (boy), pink (girl) and white (unisex). For the purpose of this article, we will focus on blue blankets – most often purchased for baby boys, although girls would be happy with them too.

Read our detailed article and explore for yourself why our baby boy blankets make such a great gift idea.

What are the reasons to give blankets as a gift to a boy?

Here are just a few of the reasons to give blankets to a boy (excluding personalisation, which is discussed later):

  • Colour – we have many blue blankets, which are most often associated as the colour with boys
  • Designs – we have a range of designs, specifically suited to boys
  • Loved – baby boys will love their baby blankets
  • Original – they are certainly a more unusual gift than toys or clothing
  • Practical – they are highly practical and often will be used everyday
  • Thoughtful – a thoughtful gift, which shows “time and effort” has been put in when considering what to buy
  • Value-for-money – at a relatively low cost baby blankets are undoubtedly great value
  • Warmth – buy these to keep a child warm at home or when “out and about” in the car or whilst on walks in a pram

Now add personalisation for added WOW factor!

Every blanket we sell has added personalisation, here are some great reasons to add this to your blanket:

  • Brownie points – Buy these as a gift and you will definitely get brownie points with the parents!
  • Caring – a thoughtful and caring gift which shows you have gone to the time and trouble to select and buy a gift
  • FREE – would you buy personalisation if it was FREE, well it is here at Baby Box – making this a cost-effective gift!
  • Little ones love it! – little ones will love the added personalisation and will grow familiar with their own name
  • Personal – adding a name is definitely much more personal!

Two types of blankets at Baby Box

There are two different types of blankets available at Baby Box, these are:

Baby Boy blankets available

The following is a list of over fifteen highly safe baby boy blankets, made from top-quality materials, these are available from Baby Box:

We advise checking both of our baby blankets pages – standard and comfort for other products, which may be available at the time you read this blog article.

Contact us information for Baby Box

To discuss personalised baby boy blankets, comfort blankets and our range of other products available at Baby Box, here are our contact details:

All of our contact information is summarised at our contact us page.