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What is a Personalised Baby Blanket?

What is a Personalised Baby Blanket?

Whether you are a new parent, relative or family friend you will know that babies love cuddy, warm and hard-wearing baby blankets! So, when buying a baby blanket, why not also personalise it at the same time? Here we explore exactly “What is a personalised baby blanket?”

A definition for personalised baby blanket

There are of course clues in the three words, which we explore below:

  • Personalised – made personal to an individual person, not anonymous
  • Baby – relating to a young person, typically up to twelve months old
  • Blanket – a piece of material, used as a covering and for warmth

So, a personalised baby blanket is:

A piece of material providing comfort and warmth for a child typically up to twelve months old, which is customised in some way to the name of the child

Techniques for personalisation

Numerous methods for personalisation are available. Here at Baby Box the personalisation techniques for our baby blankets are most usually embroidered or printed.

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What is the appeal?

Well, for a start-off there are numerous ways to personalise a baby blanket. Personalisation techniques include:

  • Themes – many themes can be provided such as shapes, animals, toys, etc.,
  • Colours – a range of colours are available (e.g., blue for boys, pink for girls and white for unisex)
  • Text and details – various options can be used for adding text, e.g., forename, surname and/or a specific message

Personalisation adds uniqueness to a baby blanket. Adding a name or a message is distinctive and easy to recognise. For example, in the event that a child is with other newborns (e.g., a playgroup), there blanket is easily identified by both the baby and the parent – and perhaps other relatives who are looking after the baby for the day! This makes life much easier and reduces the risk of loss!

If you want to buy a gift which endures then a personalised baby blanket is a winner! Parents and babies alike will tend to want to keep the blanket long after baby days are over!

Every baby blanket available from Baby Box is personalised!

If you are looking to buy a top-quality personalised baby blanket, then look no further than The Baby Box. On our website, we only sell baby blankets which are personalised and safe. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider buying one:

  • Adds a personal touch – as the name suggests “personalisation” is personal! It adds a personal touch that the parents and baby both will love
  • FOC – yes adding personalisation is totally FOC (“free of charge”) when you buy from us
  • Ideal gift – if you are looking for a gift to buy, then a personalised baby blanket is perfect. It is a gift which shows real thought and care
  • Name recognition – as the name of the child is on the blanket, it will act as a great aid for the baby recognising their own name early in life

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