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What are the Sizes of Baby Girl Blankets?

What are the Sizes of Baby Girl Blankets?

When it comes to choosing blankets for baby girls, there are a lot of variables to consider, of which size might be quite low on your list of priorities. However, studying baby girl blanket sizes is important because of the impact it has on the safety and effectiveness of the blanket, so here is a guide to help you choose.

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Receiving blankets

If you are wondering what the sizes of baby girl blankets are, then an obvious starting point will be the first blanket you ever need for your newborn. Often referred to as receiving blankets, these tend to be more compact for convenience of use, with some starting at around 60cmx80cm while others may top out at around 100cm square.

At this stage, whether the blanket is rectangular, or square does not matter so much. Getting baby girl blanket sizes right is of course, more important for newborns, because excess material will only get in the way. Of course, you might be planning to use the blanket for longer than the first few months, in which case investing in a receiving blanket from the larger end of the size spectrum will be sensible.

Swaddling blankets

As the name suggests, this type of blanket is made for swaddling your child to help them feel comforted and feel safe and secure in certain situations.

Swaddlers have become more popular in recent years, and because of their purpose, they tend to be larger than you might think, measuring anywhere up to 130cm square.

Of course if you are interested in a custom baby blanket, then we have lots of options here at The Baby Box, so choosing baby girl blanket sizes that suit you your needs down to the ground is a breeze. You can even customise the look and feel of blankets for baby girls, adding the name of your little one and picking from touchable materials in a range of colours.

Comfort blankets

Comfort blankets are less about providing you with a practical way to keep your baby warm, and more about giving the child a soft and reassuring item to keep with them wherever they go.

Because of this, baby girl blanket sizes for comfort-focused examples tend to be the smallest of them all. They need to be sized so that small hands and arms can grip and move them, without getting caught up or entangled in any way.

Comfort blankets for girls and boys alike can be around 35 to 45 centimetres square, and once again you have your choice of designs and materials. This goes along with all of the bespoke accessories and clothing that we supply to customers nationwide.

Buggy blankets

Making sure that your child is warm and happy on brisk winter strolls in the pram or buggy is obviously a priority, and it is perfectly sensible to invest in a blanket specifically for this purpose.

Size once again comes into play here, because of the unique needs of buggy-based wrapping, and so you should look out for blankets of around 70 to 90 square centimetres to do the job. They would even make an ideal gift for someone else, so even if you are already kitted out with blankets galore, do not be afraid to buy one for a friend!

Got a question about baby blankets?

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Image Source: Pixabay