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Are Baby Comfort Blankets Safe to Use?

Are Baby Comfort Blankets Safe to Use?

We all know that babies love comfort blankets for their texture and for soothing in those challenging moments that life throws at you! Buying the right products is important though, here in this article we explore “are baby comfort blankets safe to use?”

Why are comfort blankets and comfort items needed?

Well, mainly because they give comfort, even for newborns. Many babies around 3-6 months old struggle to get to sleep. Having a comfort blanket or similar item brings comfort through a familiar smell and touch. Not every baby will need a comfort blanket, but many do. Where they are used, they will typically stay in use for a number of years, often until the child is 3 years or older.

When is it considered safe to introduce a comfort blanket?

Most experts don’t recommend using comfort blankets with younger children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), generally recommends introducing at about 12 months. The most important factor is that if the comfort blanket goes over the babies face that they baby can either move themselves or move the blanket. This typically occurs with babies of 9 months or older and parents will know where their baby is.

Even with younger babies, a comfort blanket is still useful throughout the day and has a multitude of purposes, any parent will tell you that! Introducing a comfort blanket age at a young age will make them much more likely to embrace the item for sleeping at a later stage.

Are baby comfort blankets linked to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)?

There are no links between SIDS and the use of baby comfort blankets. Infact the NHS have published a guide to reducing the risk of SIDS and baby comfort blankets are not mentioned, click here to read the article -

Ensure there are no loose objects

Our advice is never to buy a baby comfort blanket which has loose objects attached to the material. These could include cords, ribbons, or items such as eyes and noses on characters. The risk is obvious that these could become detached from rough play, sucking, chewing, etc, Naturally, these represent a choke hazard, the consequences of which don’t bear thinking about.

Care needs to be taken whilst babies are sleeping

Should a baby comfort blanket be removed once baby is asleep?

For age appropriate babies, on many occasions, it won’t be possible to separate the baby from the blanket as they will be inter-twined! In circumstances like this you have no option but to leave the blanket. Many experts believe that it’s safer to remove the blanket. It’s true to say though that when the baby wakes up it will look for the blanket for comfort and if the blanket isn’t there then they are likely to want to leave the sleeping area much more quickly!

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