Why Should I Buy Baby Blankets for my Newborn?

Why Should I Buy Baby Blankets for my Newborn?

Lots of expectant parents wonder about the benefits of buying newborn baby blankets, especially if it is their first time welcoming a child into the world. Thankfully, there are lots of reasons that might convince you to take the plunge and invest in baby blankets for a newborn, so here are a few of the top motivations explored in detail.

Beautiful, custom blankets for newborns can make a big difference

Safe swaddling is recommended by many

People have been swaddling infants for millennia, and of course, to do this you will need a suitable piece of material. This is where buying newborn baby blankets makes sense, since many are designed specifically with swaddling in mind.

There are a few things that make baby blankets for a newborn suitable for safe swaddling, and the breathability of the material is at the top of the agenda for obvious reasons. You need to make sure that your baby is neither too hot nor too cold, so a fabric that is both breathable and yet still cosy is essential.

The dimensions of a swaddling blanket will also be chosen to make this easier for parents; just remember to follow expert guidelines when using a swaddling blanket to ensure that you can do so without putting your little one at risk.

Size matters

An obvious additional advantage of buying newborn baby blankets, such as those available here at The Baby Box, is that they will be of a size that is sensible for infants.

Babies grow very quickly, and yet it is still more convenient to have a smaller blanket for when your child newly arrives so that it is more appropriate for their compact frame.

You can continue to use the same blanket as they grow, and it might ultimately evolve to become their comfort blanket because of the positive associations and bonds that they will form with it. This means that it is not a short term investment, but rather one which will provide warmth and reassurance for years to come.

Personalisation is appealing

Another perk of buying newborn baby blankets from The Baby Box is that you can personalise your blanket choice in lots of different ways. This includes picking a colour suitable for boys and girls, and even adding unique text and details.

Aside from making the blanket look as attractive and unique as possible, this also means that it will be easy to identify later on. So, if you end up visiting places where lots of newborns are present and a bevvy of blankets are flying around, you will not be likely to lose yours if it is entirely bespoke.

Personalisation also adds to the longevity of the blanket. Plenty of people still have the blankets they were given as children long into their adulthood. When buying newborn baby blankets, you could even be selecting something that will be passed down through the generations, which is quite the thought!

Sounder sleep & increased independence might follow

Lastly, some believe that the proper use of blankets with newborns during the first three months of their development can be beneficial both from an emotional perspective and in terms of making life easier for parents.

Buying newborn baby blankets to comfort little ones will not only lead to a better quality of sleep, with fewer disturbances but should also help newborns to become more independent in less time, assisting with self-comforting a little later.

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