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Which Newborn Blankets are the Best to Use?

Which Newborn Blankets are the Best to Use?

Buying baby blankets to keep your dinkiest family member warm and snug is important, but with so many options to consider, you might not know which are the best newborn blankets for the most recent arrivals. The following tips will help you overcome this conundrum, and you can also discover a great choice of baby blankets at The Baby Box.

Newborn babies need unique blankets

The perks of receiving blankets

In an earlier era, blankets were used to bring babies into the world, with midwives of the past taking newborns directly from mothers in cosy wraps. While this practice has long since been outdated, the name of receiving blankets has stuck, so if you have a very young infant then this is certainly the style to look out for.

There are several specific features of receiving blankets that make them the best newborn blankets, chief amongst which is their smaller dimensions. They will typically be sized to suit the needs of infants and their parents, so they should be large enough to cover the child without swamping them completely.

Durability is another significant asset; looking after newborns involves an inevitable amount of wear and tear, so receiving blankets should be chosen for their resilience, as much as for their softness.

The significance of swaddling blankets

While receiving blankets might be a good all-rounder option for babies, the best newborn blankets for comforting tiny tykes are known as swaddlers.

As you might expect, using blankets to swaddle an infant is able to bring them feelings of security and contentment because of the way that the close-wrapped fabric recreates the experience of being in the womb, with which they will still be familiar.

The design of swaddling blankets has to consider the swaddling process itself, so you get a little more material to play with. Likewise, the fabric tends to be more breathable than you might find in a receiving blanket, to help regulate the temperature of the child. You can of course use the best newborn blankets in whatever way you choose and in whatever scenario you find yourself in, so swaddlers are a versatile purchase.

The privileges of pram blankets

When you first get your newborn home, you will probably want to spend as much time as possible indoors, cloistered away from the world as you get to know your baby. But soon you will have to venture outside, whether for practical purposes or to introduce the infant to the world, in which case pram blankets will be your best friend.

Choosing the best newborn blankets designed for use in prams is sensible because producers tend to add extra weight to the material so that the blanket stays in place when you are on the move, while also keeping out the wind and cold as well.

Explore all of your blanket options

Here at The Baby Box, our baby comfort blankets come in all sorts of styles, sizes, and colours. We also provide customised blanket options galore, suitable for boys and girls. So, whether you want receiving, swaddling or pram blankets for your newborn, we have what you need.

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