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What Materials are Best for Baby Blankets?

What Materials are Best for Baby Blankets?

Baby blankets need to be warm, cosy as well as being durable and coping well with dribble and sick. It is a tough job finding ideal blankets, we have many available at Baby Box UK and investigate here, which materials are best for baby blankets.

Which are some of the most popular materials?

In this article we are going to look at cotton, wool, cashmere, and acrylic baby blankets, which are amongst some of the most common materials used.

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Cotton baby blankets

Cotton is amongst the most popular choice for baby blankets. Cotton is lightweight, is hardy and copes well with unlimited numbers of washes and is also competitively priced. The breathability of cotton makes them ideal for use in the summer and their hypoallergenic qualities are also appealing.

Wool baby blankets

Wool is an all-natural fabric, which is entirely organic and doesn’t use synthetic fibers. Wool is great at absorbing moisture and keeps babies warm in all weathers.

Cashmere baby blankets

Where money is no object and for a spot of luxury, cashmere is a luxury baby blanket option. Ideal for use as a gift at baptisms or at time of birth, cashmere is a sought-after fabric. It’s soft, extremely lightweight, and also importantly it’s great at keeping babies warm!

Acrylic baby blankets

Acrylic is lightweight, warm, and soft and specifically has a texture which feels like wool. A major benefit of acrylic baby blankets is their durability with fibers being stretchier and more durable than other synthetic and natural fibers such as cotton and cashmere. Washing easily and retaining colour well, acrylic is also hypoallergenic and is resistant to clothes moths, which can't digest the fibers.

A major benefit of acrylic is that it is much cheaper as a material, whilst mimicking the qualities looked for in natural fibers.

Qualities to look for in materials used

Here are some of the most popular qualities to look for when buying blankets for babies:

  • Durability – blankets will be hugged, dragged, pulled, and need to be tear-resistant and highly-durable, otherwise they will not stand the test of time
  • Hypoallergenic – look for materials, which offer hypoallergenic quality
  • Wash proof – babies are “muck magnets”! Blankets will need countless washes, it’s important then to buy blankets which will endure the perils of the washing machine!

Make memories with baby blankets

Irrespective of which baby blanket you choose; a blanket potentially will stay with your child for potentially many years. Baby blankets help in the development of a child, providing happiness and a feeling of comfort and safety.

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